This website is for all three Ardens and for stray pieces of utopian yearnings. The Village of Arden has its own website. Click here to see it.

Updated Trash & Recyling Flyer

Monday is our pickup day for trash, recycling, and yard waste. Click here for details.


The Arts & Crafts Community at Arden, Delaware: an article on the Old House Journal website. October, 2011

American Dreams: Life in the Ardens, an article by Dante Silicato of Ardencroft for 9/19/2011

Connee McKinney’s 100-page history of the Buzz Ware Village Center was written in 2004. This document is available here in PDF format. Right-click on the document that appears to download it to your computer.

Other News Items

Ansel Adams or Earl Brooks? Click here to read more about the controversy in which Earl Brooks' photos may have been mistaken for those of Ansel Adams. Brooks lived in Arden for decades. Mark Taylor says: "For those interested, there is a photo of Earl Brooks in my Arcadia book on Arden. Earl was one of the official photographers of the 1926 Sesquicentennial Exposition in Philadelphia, and moved to Arden shortly thereafter, first opening a studio in the Arden Craft Shop, and later in Wilmington near 9th and Market street. In 1961, he sold the business, and retired to sail his 34-foot schooner, Boomerang, in the Caribbean. He died in West Haven, Conn. It would be great to see that diary. He and Frank Stephens were, apparently, bitter enemies."

Arden: A Travel Destination? Gregory Coin's recent article about Arden and the Arden Fair.

Bicyclist Finds Arden: Our village (or is it three?) was visited by Casey Edwards in May. He has been bicycling from one utopian community to another, mostly defunct, but not ours! Click here to read what he had to say about his visit.

Link found by Pat Toman: This Land is Your Land. Click here to read Bradford D. Wazaney's doctoral dissertation comparing the economic implications of land use among the Jicarilla Apaches and the Arden Communities.

Welcome to the Ardens

Welcome to an unofficial website of the Villages of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft, all of which continue to champion Henry George's Single Tax philosophy, the landscaping of the Garden City movement, the ideals of Arts and Crafts, and the playfulness of Shakespeare, Gilbert and Sullivan.

The Buzz Ware Village Center is available for rentals and village events. Click here to see our community center's rental rates, requirements, floorplans and history.

The Field Theater is also available for rentals and is free for public events. Call the Village of Arden Secretary at 475-3516 to reserve it for your event.

Weed-n-Walk in The Ardens

The idealism that makes our community so special is reflected in these quotes and photos gathered by Roberta Perkins.

We encourage you to visit the Arden Club website and the Village of Arden. Other notable websites are those of several Arden Artists and of the Candlelight Dinner Theatre.

This website is maintained as a service to residents of the Ardens and to those curious about our utopian communities. If you want to see something added, contact Danny Schweers. You can call him at 475-0998. In general, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of residents are NOT listed unless specifically authorized.

Population? There are about 500 residents in Arden, 300 in Ardentown, and 200 in Ardencroft.

Men's Book Group in Arden
The books they have and will discuss.
Occasionally, the discussion is based
on actually reading the books.

    Artist Hunter Clarke

Above: Ardencroft resident Hunter Clarke reading a book to her two young children. Click here to see her paintings.

On-Line Events Calendar!

All the events scheduled at the Buzz Ware Village Center and elsewhere (but not the Arden Club).


A Google Map to the Ardens

Buzz Ware Village Center Website

Featuring an on-line calendar of events and details of how you can book your event.

Field Theater Page

Featuring a seating plan and an on-line calendar of reservations.

Arden Child

A poem by Marjory Poinsett Jobson.

Men's Book Group

A list of what they've read and hope to read.


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